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Cannot read CD-R previously written

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Not sure if this is a Panther or a Compatibility issue...


I have 2 sets of backup media that I wrote on an iBook 500 (Dual USB) Combo drive with Retrospect 5.1.175. I am now attempting to restore them on a PowerBook G4 1GHz Combo drive, also with 5.1.175. Both sets behave the same way: trying to rebuild the catalogs from the media result in all discs except the last are unable to be read (unknown CD/DVD, locked, "incompatible")


Is there anything I can do to rectify this situation? It clearly renders all of my Retrospect backup sets totally useless.



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I've the same problem. I have 6-7 years of backups that were burned using a couple different burners over the years. I have upgraded my G4 to Panther 10.3.2, Retrospect to 5.1.175 and want to use the Apple stock internal burner for backup now (yes, it's supported). Dantz support told me that I need to use the same burner that created the backups! Since when? I've never had any problems using various devices before this upgrade and think that is a bit of a cop out for not coding the program the way it should be.


I've used Dantz for years and still believe it's the best for backup software. I just think this is a software problem that should be fixed.


I do have a work-around though. If I restart under OS 9.2.2 and use Retrospect 4.3, I can restore files without a problem. THAT tells me that it is a software problem with OS 10.3.2 and Retrospect 5.1.175. Don't you think?

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It depends on what drive it actually is and which version of Retrospect you were using it with. AS a last ditch effort you can try to create a custom driver for the drive you are using now. That may change the way the machine reads disks enough to help with this problem.



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