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3 more questions about the upcoming Retrospect 6 release

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1) Will there be a *trial* version available for download on Monday (the 26th)?


2) Have you yet qualified the purported "speed increases"?


If not, can you give a *rough* estimate of the speed increases (knowing full well that all end-users systems are different) in the following areas (all things being equal with the only difference being using the 6.0 application and 6.0 client software on the same set of computers/backup devices.)


1) Scanning OSX clients prior to backup (or scanning the hard disk if just backing up the "host" computer)


2) Matching phase


3) Actual network backup speed to a tape drive


4) Compression of the catalog after backup


5) Verify phase



3) Will a 5.x 50-client pack and 5.1 clients still be able to be used with the 6.0 application?


Meaning if I kept my 10Base-T-only beige G3 clients running the 5.1 client, and I upgrade my copy of "server" from 5.1 to 6.0 to get 100 "6.0" clients, will my current 5.0 50-client pack still be able to be used by the 6.0 application if I just keep my slower computers as 5.1 clients and put my faster clients up to 6.0?





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Yes, we will have a trial on our website on Monday.


Retrospect 6.0 is 20 to 100% faster than previous OS X versions for backing up to local hard disk.



5.1 OS X Clients will NOT work with Retrospect 6.0 due to changes required for correct unicode support. The clients will need to be updated.


6.0 clients WILL work with Retrospect 5.1

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You say:


Retrospect 6.0 is 20 to 100% faster than previous OS X versions for backing up to local hard disk.


The only speed improvements noticable would be in backing up a local hard disk(s) on a computer that the *application* is installed upon?



So, there are no speed improvements in backing up *network* clients? Meaning no improvements in scanning clients, matching, compressing, etc? Can you clarify/confirm this?





And regarding the client issue: Isn't that the reverse of what's normal? Shouldn't the new app be able to backup *old* clients? This would mean that if we upgrade our application, then *none* of our network clients would be able to get backed up until the client software is updated, doesn't it?


That's not right, is it?


- Steve

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My understanding is that other backup media will see speed changes too, I just don't have the numbers to provide you. I suggest testing out the trial on Monday.


Retrospect 6.0 requires 6.0 clients under OS X because of the major changes made to support Unicode features in X. We didn't have a choice in order to support unicode characters.


Retrospect 5.1 will work with 6.0 clients because of extra engineering in the 6.0 client to allow 5.1 application support with the newer software (but 5.1 will continue to have unicode issues with 6.0 clients).


OS 9 clients do not need updating.

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I hope the ReadMe will prominently warn users to update clients first!


Will the 5.1 application be able to "push" the 6.0 client to make that update?


Will the 6.0 application be able to push the 6.0 client to older clients (in the event someone forgets) even though it can't back up the older clients?


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