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Hii folks,


Using Adaptec PowerDomain 29160N SCSI adapter and connected to AutoLoader Super DLT machine under G5 with Panther. After upgrading to Retrospect 5.1, it doesn't recognize the AutoLoader machine as Loader anymore. While in the previous version, it's ok, except it will hang & freeze everytime i do a backup. I thought upgrading to 5.1 will solve this freezing problem. But the matter become worse, it can't even detect as a loader now. Install back the previous version doesn't solve the problem also since it will freeze everytime i do a backup. My adaptec driver v1.2 will only works for Jaguar. So far they don't have a Panther support yet. Already inform them regarding this problem, but no feedback so far. What should i do ? Who else face this problem ?


Best regards


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