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Login Screen leftovers...

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Has anyone else seen this condition:

( OS 10.3.1, Ret. 5.1.175 Workgroup, Dual 800 G4 )

After a backup, the client machine(s) ( all 4 of them ) have a login dialog box overlayed with a " You have been succesfully backed up [ or errors were encountered, whichever happened ]" informational foreground screen, evidently genereated by Retro client.

The weird thing is that after you dismiss the Retro screen ( with either the mouse or return key ), you are left in some kind of interface nomans land - in order to access the login screen, one must manually click on the logon screen with the mouse pointer to login as a user - no amount of command-tab will bring the login screen to the front to allow a login.

A Dantz issue? Probably. If one disables ( uninstalls ) the client, this issue never appears.

This is admittedly not as dire a problem as suffered by many here, but is offered as more problemo for the collect wisdom to gnaw on.


jeff clark

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