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Hello-o-o-o, Dantz, Mayoff - is anybody out there that cares about their product?

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I've now seen several complaints similar to mine about the appalling length of "Closing..." when executing a Duplicate.

I have heard (Mayoff) that it is due to the copying over of permissions. (Odd, since this was never an issue with 5.0)

Still I repeat my question, yet again: Does it matter if one cancels the operation once the files have copied over, rather than waiting an eternity for the permissions to be copied?

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You can stop the execution if needed, although it is unclear if Retrospect is doing any type of "clean up" during this closing phase so hopefully nothing would be missed in the process.




Does this happen when writing to a file backup set, or only when doing a duplicate? Does it happen when duplicating to a different destiantion?

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thanks for prompt response, Mayoff

i only do duplicates - couldn't tell you on other methods

applies when duping entire hard drive to firewire drives - two different ones (but seme source drive - I like keeping two backups, what can I say)

sometimes the back up can happen in 40 minutes - sometimes it seems endless - there seems to be no rhyme or reason to the disparity


shouldn't you guys know what is going on in the "closing" phase of your own product?

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