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Can't open the operations log, error -48 (duplicatename).

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I have just upgraded to Panther (10.3.1) and am getting the same error message. I am using Retrospect 5.0.205, backing up to a Firewire drive. A possibly related issue is that once Retrospect has been launched, the drive cannot be ejected because it is in use (which it isn't).


Anyone have any suggestions?

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Retrospect 5.0.205 is not only not supported with Panther, it is also a very old version as far as the 5.0.x line goes.




You can try an update to 5.0.238, but keep in mind that 5.0 and 5.1 came out before Panther. We expect to have a Panther compatible release out in the near future. To be notified of compatibility, sign up for the following mailing list:




For the list of known issues with 5.1 and Panther see the following link:




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