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10.3.1 and Retro 5.1 damaging my tapes.

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On two occaisions now, Retrospect completed the recycle backup and was just getting ready to switch to the verification when all progress stopped. None of the files were ever verified, but Retrospect never stopped. As a result, the VXA tape drive kept accessing the tape. I manually clicked the Stop button in Retrospect and then tried to do a long format/erase on the tape, but all I got were errors. I have performed incremental backups without incident.


It seems that this only happens when it is backing up a lot of data. Has anyhone else experienced this? My next step is to start replacing tapes to see if it is just bad media, but at $55 per tape, I was going to explore this first.

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Mike - You have probably checked this, but it has been noticed that at least one of the drivers installed by 10.3 overwrote a more recent version. You can check the version number for your interface driver by starting System Profiler, clicking on Extensions and looking for your particular interface in the list. If several are listed, the one which has a Yes in the Loaded column is the active one. If the version listed is not the latest (or the one you are expecting), upgrading/reinstalling the driver may fix your problem with Retrospect hanging at the start of Verification. Hope this helps. - Joe

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