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Retrospect not autolaunching under Panther

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I recently upgraded my iMac and my G4 PowerMac to Panther. The iMac is running Retrospect 5.0, and the G4 is running 5.1. Since upgrading to Panther, neither machine will autolaunch Retrospect anymore. I did an "Archive and Install" on both machines, and subsequently reinstalled Retrospect on both machines. They both have retrorunfile and LaunchRetroHlper in the /Library/Preferences/Retrospect folder, and RetroRun in the /Library/StartupItems/RetroRun folder.


I haven't seen any messages posted about autolaunch not working under Panther, so perhaps there's some other problem with my configuration? Any ideas?

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This solution may be posted elsewhere but I thought I'd make a note of it anyway. Other than the autolaunch problem I've found version 5.0 to be the least problematic. To get it to launch on schedule I use a freeware program called "Cronnix". The price is right and it works like a charm:



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The Dantz documentation for Retrospect 5.1 from October said it will not auto-launch at the login screen. I assume that means it will autolaunch if a user is logged in.




Can anyone confirm?




I am finding thet Retrospect wont launch even when a user is logged in. Is this a known problem?




Does anyone know if Dantz will make an bugfix/Panther compatibility upgrade for version 5 for customers who are not prepared to pay full price for the version 6 upgrade just weeks after purchasing version 5.1 upgrade?




(UPDATE - I have just seen that the January documentation is updated to say that autolaunch fails when user is logged in as well. So this issue should be fixed, or I should be able to return my copy of 5.1, right?)

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I purchased Dec 3. This is after Panther came out, and there was no mention in the Retrospect sales information that 5.1 would become an unsupported product within weeks. Who should I contact regarding this? (Dantz Europe support has not responded after I sent in documentation).

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We still support Retrospect 5.1 however it is not fully compatible with Panther. For full OSX 10.3 compatiblity (including autolaunch support) you will need the upgrade to Retrospect 6.0. You can contact Dantz customer service for more information about the upgrade.


North America and Other Countries

Telephone: 800.225.4880

Fax: 925.948.9099


Monday–Thursday, 6:00 am–5:00 pm Pacific Time

(Holidays Excluded)

Friday, 6:00am–4:00pm Pacific Time

(Holidays Excluded)


European Customers:

Telephone: +33 1 55 33 02 00

Fax: +33 1 55 33 02 09


Monday–Friday, 9:00 am–5:00 pm Central European Time




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