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Defer Backup option does not function on OS X clients

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I've got an Xserve running a workgroup retrospect server for our small office network. Up until now, all of the client systems have been running Windows, and everything worked great.


Today I am trying to setup an OS X client on the network, and while it IS being backed up, I have run into a strange problem when I try to defer backups on this client. It simply wont defer. When the OS X client is notified that its backup will begin shortly, both the OK boxes, and the Defer boxes cause the backup to begin!!


I've been searching for hours for any advice on this problem, and have come up with nothing so far. Has anybody else encountered this, or know of a solution?


Backup server is v6.1.126, OSX 10.4.7

OS X client is v6.1.130, OSX 10.4.7

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