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Trouble writing media: error 206??

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I've been getting the following error when running our nightly backup. The pop-up says:


Trouble writing media:

"[tape name here]"

error 206 (drive reported a failure: dirty heads, bad media, etc.)


I have cleaned the drive heads and tried numerous new tapes, but continue to get this error.

Running Retrospect 6.1.126 in OS X 10.4, running LaCie AIT-2 Turbo tape drive using Sony AIT-2 Turbo tapes.


Can anyone help?



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I agree with Russ. The Dantz (I can't be bothered to type out emcinsignia) folks in the past have said the error 206 is always passed from the tape drive to the software. I've never used AIT's, but with the drives I've used, the tech folks recommend running the cleaning tape 3-5 times in a row to try to blow off crud from the heads. How old is the drive? I've found about 3 years is max for tape drives life span.

hope it helps, shon

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Yea, I'd also agree with both of you — I just wanted to check here before I called LaCie again. They just replaced this drive with a new one (tape got stuck in the previous and killed the drive) and now I'm getting these errors. They've now got me trying a million different things...none of which seem to be working.

That's now two LaCie hard drive and a LaCie tape drive that have died on us in the last year. But, this isn't a LaCie bashing board, so I shall stop.

Anyway, thanks for everyone's help!


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Tape drives aren't the most reliable things out there. I seem to go through them every three years, but I've had some go bad much earlier. I just remember to keep the box and try to buy from folks who are willing to cross-ship new drives out. At any rate, its not LaCie. I use Exabyte drives, and they usually ask me to do a lot of odd things to get the drive working too. Easier to fix it on the phone than take a shipment hit I suppose.

Good luck.


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