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Error 24062 - Limited to 256 MB RAM

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I'm running Retrospect Backup 6.1.126 on an XServe w/an XServe RAID and two 1.3 terabyte RAID 5 volumes. I back up to an Exabyte VXA-1 Library.


Things have worked just fine for the most part, but both arrays now hold in excess of 1 TB of data. The tape library is just fine with this, given enough tapes, but I am now seeing the following error when my backup scripts attempt to catalog either of the 1.3 tb volumes:


Error -24062 "limited to 256 MB of RAM"


I've run top during a catalogue attempt and the allocation for Retrospect seems to actually top out at 1 GB of RAM, with Retrospect gamely cataloging until it finally hits whatever limit there is that's causing this problem.


The system has 4 GB of RAM and the OS is only using 1 GB during my backup attempts. Is Retrospect the source of this limit? It occured to me that the OS X Server system might be restricting other apps' access to RAM, but a friend of mine at Apple told me that this was not the case.



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