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Cannot Erase LTO2 Tapes in Retrospect 6.1 Mac

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I have 22 LTO2 tapes which were previously written to by Windows software (Arcserve, I believe) which I'd now like to use with Mac Retrospect 6.1. They were only written/read one time for a database project and they were properly stored (at Iron Mountain?)


What happens is that Retrospect goes into a bit of a loop when trying to select the tape in the Device Configuration tab - it says the tape is running, but never gets further than that. I've tried this with HP and IBM LTO2 drives which work perfectly with other tapes, both new and previously written to by Arcserve. Both drives are running current firmware.


These have only been tested with Retrospect 6.1 (Mac Server Edition) running under OS X 10.4.7 with the drives hooked up via Atto UL3D cards (current firmware/drivers).


21 of these tapes are Fuji dating back to late 2003. I sent them back for warranty replacement and Fuji returned them all stating they were scanned and data written/read without any errors. Fuji only uses IBM drives in a Windows environment.


Any thoughts either for erasing these or convincing Fuji to flat-out replace them? Thanks in advance.

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One thing I've learned about using Retrospect for Macs is at the first sign of trouble, you need a PC running XP and the tape vender's software installed on it. This would be the first place I'd go, although I realise many places may not have those kinds of resources.


I don't use LTO tapes, but don't they have a WORM option? Another thought, the drives I use (VXA) have a hardware test if you hold buttons down during load, it will test the drive. As Lennart says, you can't bulk erase them. Makes me wonder if these wern't bulk erased themselves. At any rate, I'd go 'standard' with a PC and vender test software. I believe the ATTO card will work on a PC.

Hope it helps. -Shon

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