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Mac backing up to Windows Server Execution Errors

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I keep getting "Execution Errors" on some of my files when I duplicate to a Windows 2K or Win 2003 server.


Also I have files that get copied ever time I duplicate to this server even though they have not been changed.


When I back-up to a firewire drive or DVD, everything work like it should.


Any ideas on how I can fix?


I believe all software is current.



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When I back-up to a firewire drive or DVD, everything work like it should



And if you were to Backup to the Windows server volumes, everything would work "like it should," too.


But when you Duplicate, you're dealing with file sharing protocols, disk formatting differences and server services. Any of these can cause Retrospect to be unable to write specific files (such as those having "/" in the filename) or to make files look different on the Source then they do on the Destination.


Maybe you'd have better luck with ExtremeZ-IP from www.grouplogic.com, instead of using Microsoft's Services for Macintosh (or whatever it's called now). Or maybe use a File Backup Set stored on the remote share.



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