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chunk error when catalog at 4.8 GB

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I am running server 6.1.126 on OS X server 10.4.6, with a Quntum SDLT 600 library.


Whenever my catalog file gets to be greater than 4.8 GB, Retro gives me the error:

–24201 (chunk checksum failed)


I have a weekly recycle on Friday's for my three backup sets. It seems every ~Thursday, the catalog gets up to 4.80 GB. Once it does, Retro crashes and the catalog has to be rebuilt. This results in a catalog thats ~2.75 GB.


This has been happening every week now for several weeks, once the catalog gets up to 4.8 GB. Two weeks ago, it was only to 4.6 GB and had no issues.


Is there an inherent limit to the catalog size, number of sessions, snapshots, etc? Is there somewhere else I should be looking for issues?




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