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Back up ALL except cool items... not working

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I have version 6.1.126. I use retrospect in a very basic way. I'd like to back up my entire hard drive in my G5. I'd like to BU everything BUT the Music & Pictures folders in my user folder. In the menu for selecting what to back up there is the "exclude cool items". according to retrospect's help info the 'cool item' was for OS 9. It also say that if your not using OS9 it will be the fourth lable down the list. I've tried labling the folders all the different colors and none of them work. interestingly enough, I did have a folder inside my pictures floder labled 'Blue' for a different reason, and it WAS excluded from the list of what was going to get backed up. Does anybody have an idea on how to get this function to work?



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Are u using OSX. If so, just label your folders you don't want to backup with a color - lets say red. Select the button more choices. There it will say include everything. Go down to but exclude and create an item to exclude >Enclosing Folders< and tick the item red. When you backup now it will exclude all folders and subfolders under your chosen backup volume that are labeled red. You can choose any color or use the folder name or whatever.


Let me know if that helps. But mine works perfectly. Took me a bit to figure out though.



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Hi Kerry.

I'm having the same problem with things marked "Cool." You suggest that I use the button "More Choices" but I can't find such a button. Is it supposed to be in the "Immediate Backup:Selecting?" If so, I don't have one there in the pull down there.

Thanks, ARW

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