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When are we going to see a new major rev of Retrospect for Mac?

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It has been quite some time since a real upgrade to the Mac version. When are we going to see feature and stability parity with Retrospect for Windows? Unless a new version gets out there soon (WITH upgrade pricing), I suspect EMC is going to continue to lose even more customers.


A frustrated customer,


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The silence kinda says it all..




Each of the 15 posts that you have posted in these forums is equally non-productive. We are just users like you, and these forums are user-to-user support. We can't answer your gripes, and that seems to be the only purpose of your posts.


And, anyway, you indicate that you are using a pirated copy of Retrospect, so I can't see how you have any standing to complain.

Gregory Chesney reveals that his copy of Retrospect is pirated


Go find something better to do with your life.





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I cannot comment on the legality of Gregory Chesney's copy of Retrospect, but I feel Conrad's question is valid and is one shared by MANY other users of Retrospect (on Mac) who have justifiable feelings of neglect.


As a note to Russ Walker, I believe Dantz employees have in the past participated in these forums (although they might now be neglecting them as much as Retrospect for Mac itself).


I have used multiple copies of Retrospect Server for Macintosh for years and years and used to also have an annual maintenance contract for it as well. However in recent years development of this product has stagnated if not even come to a complete halt.


As a result the maintenance package is a useless as Microsoft's "Software Assurance".


When are we going to see some progress? Or is the product effectively discontinued?


Apart from the admittedly minor issue of it not being a "Universal Binary", a more serious issue is that Retrospect Server for Mac cannot adequately backup PC clients and servers since it does not support the various client agents that the PC version of Retrospect does. The reverse is also true that the PC Retrospect product cannot adequately backup Mac servers and clients. I am sure there are plenty of other long outstanding problems as well.


Other than annoying loyal customers due to the neglect of this product, and actually loosing significant numbers of potential and old customers, they are also depriving themselves of additional revenue by not having a new upgrade to promote and sell.


What is going on???


If Retrospect fails to work fully with the forthcoming Mac OS X 10.5 "Leopard" update they will loose what few customers they have left.

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Those of us with EMC would love to talk about future Mac product development, but we just can't.....


As far as forum participation, we do have several EMC employees (including myself) who try to respond when we can. Foster, WaltR and others for example. What makes this forum great is the user's who spend so much time dedicated to helping other users.

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We are currently trying to spec out a new server to offload some clients. Apple apparently is not shipping the PPC version of Xserv any more, and I'm frankly a bit scared to run Retrospect on an Intel Mac. I honestly have no idea where to go at this point. Apple is in a huge state of flux with the chipset change, and I can't really blame the retrospect folks for stalling for that reason alone. As I've said in other forum posts, it has saved the company money not having to buy updates.

You bring up a good point John, that in a mixed win/mac enviroment we are stuck, since mac servers can't back up XP serrvers, and i suspect doing a full OSX restore from a PC Retrospect server would be a joy.

I guess personally I will continue to look at other options, while cursing both Apple and EMC. For what its worth, the server guys at work tell me its basically the same with all backup solutions. They all have their issues and gripes.

Thanks Mayoff for your fourm attentions though. Its nice.



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I'm frankly a bit scared to run Retrospect on an Intel Mac.



I don't think that your fear is grounded. Given adequate RAM, Retrospect runs fine under Rosetta for the Optical and File Backup Sets I use.


I'm not reading reports here on the Forum that point to any basic incompatibility with other Types of Backup Sets, either.


Dantz had, and EMCInsignia seems to be maintaining, a long development cycle with few if any interm releases. I agree with the above comment that a Universal release of Retrospect needs to be released (or at the very least announced) along with (or in advance of) Leopard if they are going to stop the bleeding of customers.

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