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beginner question - should be easy....

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hi - I've just started looking at the manual and help files for retrospect but I am still a bit confused as to which process to use to back up our files. If someone could even just point me in the right direction that would be great. We have a tape drive and 10 tapes. We want to backup everynight of the week onto a different tape, and have two weeks worth of tape. so MonA, monB, tueA, tueB etc. So every night the correct tape can be put in, and last nights taken home. The tapes would then get recorded over on a two week cycle. So I would use recycle?


Does each tape need to be a different backup set?

Does each day of the fortnight need to be a different script?

or is there a way I can script it all in one go?


Thanks for the help

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If you want the backup you run every night to be a complete and independant backup, then you will need a different backup set for every day of those two weeks.


You can list all the sources and destinations together on the same script and create as many schedules as you need to get everything ordered out. Each schedule defines when a backup is run to one particular backup set. If you do wind up with 14 backup sets the configuration window for one script may get a little messy, at this point you could break it up into two scripts - week 1 and week 2. This would be purely for ease of use and would not have any effect on functionality.


For additional ideas you might also take a look through the 'Strategies' section of this forum. Also, here is link to the Tutorials, but I don't believe there is anything that quite resembles what you're looking for: http://kb.dantz.com/display/2n/_index1.asp?tab=opt1&r=0.3382772


Hope this helps.

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