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Backing up Tiger Server and incremental problem

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In the past couple weeks, a strange thing has happened to Retrospect. I created a new script with new external hard drives to backup our Tiger Server with xServe Raid. The first time it runs the backup, it basically does a full backup, which is normal. The next night it performed a normal backup which is incremental, so it backs up what changed, maybe 2GB worth. Last night, it decided that it needed to back up 160GB of data. What happened? What did someone logged into the file server do to make Retrospect think that it needed to back up that much data?


The reason I created a new script is because the prior working script that was a year old with no such occurences, started doing this as well. None of the sets are flagged as "missing".


Retrospect Backup 6.1.126

Mac OS X 10.3.9


Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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Is it possible that the system date/time is getting changed by some errant NTP server so that Retrospect thinks that everything has changed? Or that someone futzed with the date/time control panel (or whatever it's called now)? Or that the volume name changed? Just a few thoughts.


We've never seen this behavior on our Xserve G5 10.4.6 (or 10.4.2, 3, 4, 5) Server with Retrospect 6.0 now 6.1.126. If time is getting changed, you may also see Kerberos TGT problems (if you are using Kerberos).



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we have exactly the same problem, it is being discussed in this thread.




How does synchronization with the apple time server effect the backup process? The clock only gets a correction of a view seconds most. Both the osx server with retrospect client and the osx client with retrospect server are synchronized with then same timeserver from apple europe.

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How does synchronization with the apple time server effect the backup process?


Read carefully and will see that my suggestion was for "some errant NTP server" that might be wildly off. I don't have a clue how you have your Xserve set up for NTP. You might want to turn off NTP syncing of the Xserve for a week or two (your clock drift couldn't be that bad - if it is, then you've got bigger problems) to see if things change, and point all clients to your Xserve for their NTP sync so that everything stays relatively correct. Apple has been known to have a few wild and crazy NTP servers on occasion.


Also, it might be related to your FS format for a particular share. You haven't provided config details whether this is a particular share that has the problem or whether it's across the board on the server. Hard to speculate in the absence of facts, but I tossed out a few things for you to check. Good luck.



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