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Retrospect Kills F/W Drives on XServe 10.4.x

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XServe running osx server 10.4.6, using Retrospect 6.1.126 to backup Internal 1TB RAID plus various G4, G5, Powerbook, iBook, iMac and Windows sytems over network using Retrospect client. Backing up to various drives by Maxtor, Lacie, Akasa etc. ranging in capacity from 160GB to 250GB to 300GB to 1TB.


Ive got a bizarre problem in 10.4.x on an xserve. On numerous drives in all circumstances, when I return to the machine after a backup has completed, the ext firewire drive has either disappeared, or appears empty. It usually disappears after it has been browsed as empty.


The strange thing is, SOMETIMES if I hit eject as soon as the backup script ends, everything is fine and the data is safe. If I leave it for more than a minute or so, I lose everything on the drive. It appears in disk utility with a default document icon, and even though I can 'mount' and 'unmount' it in the utility, it never reappears on the desktop. I have to erase the disk.


If I physically disconnect any disk when it has disappeared from the desktop (if I assume it has unmounted) I get a message saying some data may have been corrupted.


Even stranger, one disk (the biggest one, 1TB) displays all the same behavior, except sometimes, the drive will re-mount and all the data is safe. Other times, it remounts, but the data is missing / corrupt. It often just dies like all the other drives.


I have been backing up my server and clients by simply dragging and dropping over the network, and doing this causes no problems or errors. So I can only conlcude as Pachy has done, that the problem is with Retropect on osx 10.4.x




ps, to make things worse, Retrospect ALWAYS fails with a network error whilst backing up an OS9 iBook. Can't figure that one out either.

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