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Retrospect Scripts won't automatically start.

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I've a new XServe running 10.4.5 and Retrospect 6.0.204. My problem is that the scripts aren't automatically starting like they're supposed to. They don't run unless Retrospect is open. If they miss a scheduled backup because Retrospect was closed, it tries to run the ones it's missed when you open Retrospect again.


This is a standard install, right out of the box, with no funny configuration changes. The only thing "odd" about it, is we're backing up to HD instead of up to tape media. The valid media to backup to is there, and we get no errors, in fact backups run fine if Retrospect is open.


Anyone know why this is happening?



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Also, in the version 6.1 release notes:


FileVault: If you are using FileVault on the Retrospect backup server, make sure to install Retrospect to the default location. Otherwise, Retrospect may not autolaunch to run scripts in unattended mode.


6.1 is a free upgrade and adds full 10.4 Tiger support.

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The first thing to do is make sure you're running Retrospect 6.1, which provides support specifically for 10.4 (and even more specifically for OS X Server 10.4).


Next, if you observe that a scheduled execution has failed to occur, check to see that the retrorun process is running; do this _before_ you launch the program.


If retrorun is not running, then that's why there is no auto-launch.


If retrorun is running, the file /Library/Preferences/Retrospect/retrorunfile may be corrupt. Delete it, launch Retrospect, and then quit Retrospect again; your next scheduled execution should run as expected.


Oh, and there's nothing "odd" about using File Backup Sets. They're quite popular.



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I've upgraded to 6.1, but haven't tried closing the application yet to see if it'll run normally as scheduled. I'm guessing that's where my trouble was, that I was running 6.0 on OS X 10.4.x. I'll see if this doesn't resolve the issue and make me, and the users, much happer.


Thanks, gang!

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