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1102 - drives missing/unavailable


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After using a scripted backup to file for some time with no problems, it no longer works.




It was set to backup a number of subvolumes from 2 partitions. Today I used Partition


Magic to increase the partition sizes. All went well (as it usually does with PM), and


after I rebooted Windows 98 with the slightly larger partitions, everything works fine.


EXCEPT the Retrospect backup no longer works!




For each defined (sub)volume, I get the message:




Can't access volume xxx on yyy (x:), error -1102 (drive missing/unavailable)




1102 is not documented other than in the online Knowledgebase where it only


talks about "rights" to volume access. (But this is a stand-alone single-user


Windows 98 system, and no other program has trouble finding the data.)




The defined subvolumes reside on two partitions that have been increased to


a humble 2GB and 3GB (from 1.25GB and 2GB respectively). If I try other


operations in Backup, I keep getting told that my drives (including the one that


the program itself is on!) aren't there and should be inserted/loaded/mounted.




Any ideas?



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Go to your script. Edit your script. Redefine your subvolumes.


Directions below:


Highlight the volume you have been backing up. Click the X at the top of your screen or the delete button to remove it. Then redefine (directions below):




If you would like to specify directories as sources for backup, we have to define them as subvolumes.




When you are in the confirmation window for an Immediate backup (Ready to Execute), or when you are editing your scripted backup, click on the Sources button which will take you to the Volume Selection window.




Highlight the hard drive containing the folders you would like to backup, and click the Subvolume button.




Navigate to the folder you would like to backup, and click Define.




You can now select this folder as a source to be backed up, instead of the entire hard drive.




Repeat this process if you would like to define more than one Subvolume.




To select more than one subvolume for backup, use Ctrl + click to highlight multiple folders.



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Thanks Melissa.




Got it working using a slight variation on your suggestion.




The volume selection window wouldn't let me do anything with drives C: or D: (claiming


they didn't exist) other than removing them. But I noticed prior to this that (since changing


the partition sizes) it was showing TWO drive C:'s, and TWO drive D:'s. The originals


contained the previously-defined subvolumes that would no longer work.




I removed the two originals, then re-added the subvolumes to the "new" drives. And


all is now OK.




Strange behaviour, though. It's as if changing the drive size causes Backup to think


that it is now a new drive (while still keeping the old one).




Thanks again,





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