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Restrict backup set members?

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OS 10.3.9 Server

Retrospect 6.0.204

VXA-2 PacketLoader Tape Library



I'm creating a new backup set and can't for the life of me find a way to restrict the tapes that Retrospect uses for backup. Since our drive holds 10 tapes and I have 2 drives that I'd like to backup, I can't find any way to say "use 5 for this and 5 for that".


Is there any way to do that? I'd like to keep it separate–or at least have the ability to specify. When I need to add more tapes to a backup set I can keep things somewhat organized. (Is there a better way to do what I'm doing? Should I just not worry about it?) Basically I'm just trying to keep some logical order to our tapes. The drive supports barcoding, and I'd assumed that there would be a way to group sets of tapes together.


Retrospect seems to use the tapes out of order. In other words, when loaded with 5 tapes, it's using tapes 5, 4, and 3 – in that order.


Why isn't it starting at tape 1?

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I've had a feature request in since last September on this, to change Retrospect to respect the names of pre-erased, named, barcoded tapes in an autoloader when looking for tapes on new media or on EOT. The Retrospect User's manual correctly states the program's current behavior:


Tape Library Media Requests


During immediate and automated operations, Retrospect scans the library, searching for the appropriate media, and loads whichever tape is required. If a new or erased tape is required, Retrospect will load and use the first one available.


If it cannot find an appropriate tape to use, Retrospect displays the media request window. The operation cannot continue until you insert new media.


I consider it a bug, Dantz considers it proper operation because the behavior is documented. And it's not predictable what the "first one available" will be. So I put in the feature request to have Retrospect, if an erased tape of the right name exists in the autoloader when needed, to use it first rather than choosing any erased tape. But the current behavior makes it impossible to control what goes onto pre-barcoded tapes. The only solution I could discover was to never put in an erased tape, and let the backup set run off the end, and then put the erased tape in so that it is found on the next attempt. That's the only way I have been able to have multiple backup sets in the autoloader, alternating by days, because I can't predict which set will run off the end first. Maybe if enough people request this feature, we will see it in a future release. Regards, Russ

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