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Excluding files or folders

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You can do this from the client end or the backup computer end.


At the client end, open the client control panel and select the option for private folders. Then go to Finder and type a bullet (option-8) at the end of the enclosing folder's name that you want to exclude from backup.


Th the backup computer end, create a custom selector to exclude the desired folders. What you probably want is the condition "Enclosing folder pathname contains /Users/[username]/[any intervening folders]/[folder to exclude]" for every folder to be excluded. (If the desired folder has a unique name, you can instead use the condition "Enclosing folder name exactly matches/is [folder name].) If you are already using a selector in your backups, add that selector to the "Include" section of your new custom selector.


Both of these are thoroughly described in the user's guide.

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While the options Twickland suggests will work, both are inferior to the options available on Windows and Linux clients. Those clients have an actuall exclude list, that can define any directory as not-backed-up.


The problem with selectors, is that all the files still need to be scanned. So excluding a folder does not reduce the time it takes to scan through that folder.


And the problem with the old bullet-in-the-name scheme is, well, it forces you to rename your folder. OS X isn't real happy about users renaming /System or /Users



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Thanks. It is so obvious when you know what it is called, shame the help menu returns no useful results for 'exclude files'.


Selectors was the only option as the files/folders I am trying to exclude cannot have the bullet added to them, their controlling applications will not allow them to be renamed.

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