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Client Installation

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Silly question for the day:




I have been running Retrospect server on both NT and Mac (OS 9) servers for nearly a year. I didn't have a need for it until recently - I want to start backing up some of the clients on the same LAN. Both licenses include 100 clients with them.




Is the client software on the CD or is it simply the same as the server version? (I doubt this is the case.)




I know this seems silly to ask, but I'm writing up some strategies at home and I don't have my Retrospect documentation with me. . .




Thanks in advance,




D. Penoff

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Thanks, Melissa!







I was sure it was something as simple as this. I apologize for taking up the bandwidth - being an educator I don't have access to everything I need over the summer. I'll be at school tomorrow and will check this out and probably set up some clients for backup . .





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