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Retrospect catalog 'volume lobotomy'??

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Has anyone experienced the phenomenon of a catalog giving itself a 'volume lobotomy'? This appears to have just happened to me. Retrospect continues to otherwise act normally - no errors of any kind. And yet, from one day to the next, Retrospect seems to have 'forgotten' that a networked Win2k volume has always been a member of a backup script and begun backing it up as if it were a newly added volume!


But nothing changed in the 24 hours since the script last executed. The volume in question was, in fact, idle from one day to the next. All other volumes belonging to the script were seen and backed up as expected. But Retrospect acted as if it had never seen the Win2k volume before. I allowed the script to continue its (incremental) backup, though it now executed as if it were a new volume, which it completed as if nothing strange had occurred.


As I said, everything appears to be normal, except for the fact that Retrospect appears to have 'lobotomized' itself with respect to the aforementioned volume.


Just wondering if this behavior has been experienced before by anyone?




[Retrospect Desktop 6.1, driver, G4 Mac, OS 10.4.3]

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OK, that makes a certain amount of sense. But 2 questions come to mind:

1) As DST comes around every year, and I've had this setup for around the last 5 years, I can't recall this happening before. Could be that I just missed it...but suddenly having extra gigs of data showing up and eating up major disk space (DVD-RW) is usually pretty noticeable.

2) Might the "Sync" offset in Retro have anything to do with this? I just found it at +4.26 I don't know whether thats seconds, minutes, or hours...


Thanks again!

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