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Clients OFF after restart

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Upon updating some older computers to Tiger, we now are having problems with our Clients. Upon restarts, the clients ALWAYS turn off. Our newer machines that came with Tiger do not have this problem, so I know that it is not in the settings in Retrospect.


I have installed the newest version of Client (6.1.107) and have turned off the "Shut down after backup" in Retrospect.


Any suggestions???



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hi think,


i think this is a permissions issue on the 'Startup Items' folder in the library. to correct it successfully in the past, i have:


1) uninstalled the client, using the installer (_not_ just dragging it to the trash)

2) rebooting

3) looking inside /Library/StartupItems for a folder called 'RetroClient'-->deleting that if it is there

4) reinstalling.

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Upon restarts, the clients ALWAYS turn off



- Have you moved the Retrospect Client application from the default install location?


- When your run the client installer, it prompts you for a restart. If you allow the installer to restart the computer, and you then launch the Retrospect Client application as soon as the machine reboots, what does the Status field text read?


If you haven't moved the Client application to another location after install, and restarting immediately after re-install still results in the Client status being "not running," use the client installer to un-install first, then restart, then install fresh, then restart.



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