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Can't open disk drive after...

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Ok. I have a backup to DVD that is scheduled to run every other day. With version 6.0, it would begin running & wait until I inserted my DVD to write the files & quit.


However, with 6.1.126 I can't open my disk drive from the keyboard (or the menu bar) once the scheduled back up begins. I must login to the app (it is password protected) & go to the device window & hit the "eject" button.


Can someone help me with a fix to this silly problem?



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with 6.1.126 I can't open my disk drive from the keyboard (or the menu bar) once the scheduled back up begins



Nor could you with 6.0. Or 5.1. Or 5.0.


Once Retrospect loads its disk driver, the Apple disk driver (which contains the hook for opening from the keyboard) is unavaible. This has not changed since Retrospect first shipped for OS X.


The issue was originally Apple's responsibility, as they did not provide developers with the programming interface (API) for opening a disk tray from the keyboard. But that is no longer an excuse, as Toast 7 now allows the function with its disk driver.



- What were the exact steps you were taking before, and what are the exact steps you are attempting to take now?

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Well not for me. With version 6.0, I had no problem opening the disk drive from the keyboard once scheduled script began to run (but was waiting for me to insert the dvd).


Currently, I have to go into the Retrospect application & manually click the disk drive "eject" button.


The only thing I think is that I am using a bluetooth keyboard so maybe there is a problem there?



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The key is that once Retrospect loads its driver, the keyboard will no longer work.


You can observe the driver loading process by putting a data disk in the drive and seeing its volume mount on the Desktop or in a Finder window.


Then launch Retrospect, click on the Configure tab, then click the Devices button.


You'll see the "Scanning Devices" dialog pop-up, and the data disk will disappear from the Finder. After that, the eject key on your keyboard will no longer work until you quit Retrospect, at which time the data disk will reappear.


This observed behavior is the same with 6.1 as it was with every previous version of Retrospect under OS X since 5.0.


- Was your hardware/software configuration different before, other then the version of Retrospect?

- Are you writing to the same Type of Backup Set(s)?

- Are your scripts different in any way?

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