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hard drive keeps filling up... please help!

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I am trying to back up several sets of data (about 15gb) to a 30gb hard drive twice a week. Then putting the most recent copy of this data on a tape at the end of every week.


This works fine for one week, however, when i start the second week, the hard drive is full and retrospect will not overwrite last week's data (which i would like to do).


How do I get retrospect to overwrite last week's data without manually deleting the old catalogs creating a new one? Please help.

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hi hegal,


i think you want to do a 'recycle' somewhere in your backup. here is a KB article that talks about backup strategy and recycles:




it specifies a 2 week rotation, but you could easily make that one week. the other thing you may want to do is examine the data you are backing up. if there is a large database (like a mail program or something) you may want to exclude it from your regular script and back it up separately, recycling every time.

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