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How to back up a windows XP machine networked to my Mac OS X?

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I am running retrospect backup v6 on my mac and use it to backup my windows xp machine to my mac's external HD. At least I want to do this, bt I am not sure the best way to do this. When I try to select the entire C drive to backup, it does not include any of the specific user files. So it appears that I can't back up the entire HD--in case I want to restore the entire HD in one action. Instructions and turotirals really don't explain enough specifics, so I was hoping some other users have good instrucitons/ideas for me.


Thanks in advance.

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Does Retrospect give out useless error codes?




The answer is "no". (Some might be hard to find in any documentation, but that doesn't render them useless.)

If you have any error codes, please post code with EXACT wording of error message.




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