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No warning when volume is full

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I have a problem with Retrospect 6.0.2 when it doesn't give any warning when the hard drive I back up to is full. I just discovered that Retrospect stopped backing up was over a week ago. Fortunately I haven't needed to retrieve anything but it would be nice if Retrospect would give some warning and/or repeted warnings when backups have not been completed.


Or am I missing something? Is there a setting that would produce a warning in this case?

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Hi Paul,


By default, Retrospect will close the program when an automated operation completes, be it succesful or failed. If you open the operations log for Retrospect you should see an error stating that the disk is full (probably error -34 (volume full))and the execution failed.


If you want some sort of notification without having to look in the program periodically, you could try using the email notification script which you'll find in /Applications/Retrospect 6.0/Applescript Utilities.


I would also suggest updating to Retrospect 6.1 which can be downloaded here:


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Thanks for the advice. I updated to 6.1 and installed the event handler. I am having a little problem with the email end. I'm using the Apple Mail version and Retrospect creates the email but it won't send it apparently because there is no "to" in the address. Mail displays an error and won't shut down. The address I entered into the script (kMainGroup) shows in the "from" address. I'm not sending it anywhere - just my own machine. Not sure how to get Mail to take this properly.

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hi paul,


if the python script isn't working, you may want to check what you are using for settings. can you open a terminal and do a, 'telnet your.smtp.server 25' and once in get a response to the 'ehlo' command?


check this post for more information:



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Thanks much again for the help but it looks like I'll have to live with this problem. I don't know smpt from ehlo. And given the problems others are having, I doubt I ever will. I'll just have to remember to check the log every day.


I have been using Retrospect since my first computer - Quadra 950 - at least 12 years ago. It has been a good friend and I will continue using it. The only time I ever lost data was about 2 years ago when a drive failed and I discovered that Retrospect had stopped backing up about a month prior (of course) and I had no idea.


Thanks again.

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