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double retrospect launch

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On retrospect 6.1 using MacosX 10.4.5, I have a script running every week. Almost every time, retrospect launches itself twice and of course then the file is locked.

I have not been able to find an explananation to this behaviour : checked the launch in user prefs file, the retro script file : nothing is doubled.

Any idea about the subject.

thank you

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Retrospect version 6.1.126

RDU version 6.1

Only one version of the app on the computer, none on external disks.

But I found a retro folder on another disc (library>>startup items) , so I deleted it but it should not interfere (?) since it is not the disk that boots at startup.


I could not find any similar issues on the forum.

Thank you

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> My log shows the version (6.1.126) but nothing about "Retrospect Driver Update".


Then no RDU is loading.


Run, don't walk, to the EMCInsignia website and download the most current version, put it in the same folder as Retrospect, and restart.


EMC doesn't always document RDU changes fully, so it's a good idea to try the most current RDU when they come out.

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