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Suggestion for next version

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When EMC comes out with a new version of Retrospect for Macs how about making the volumes window avaialble from the client configuation window? I can't tell you how annoying it is to have to close out of the client configuration window just to open the volumes window so that I can select which subfolders to get backed up.


For that matter how about dispensing with seperate windows entirtely and go to a tabbed interface like the directory? Mixing different interfaces is one of Retrospect's most annoying aspects and I've been using it for 15 or so years.


Give us a way to turn on the client copy from the server when it stops responding (which is all too frequent) and give us a control window (tabbed of course) that shows us at a glance the status of all clients with colunms markihg on, off, not responding, version, last backed up date, volume selected, client name, etc...Printable and exportable in tab delimited format of course.


And finally, give administrators a client or web based access that allows us modify and see what's up without having to log on to the server and shut retrospect server down each time.





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