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porblems rebuilding catalog


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I posted about this yesterday but my orginal post seems to have been removed after a short discussion. Is it becuase there is nothing that can be done at this point and that Dantz knows it and is embarassed by the fact?


I am trying to restore after an OS reinstall. Therefore, I am trying to rebuild the catalogs from the backup sets but the CDRW drive fails to recognize the backed-up media, therefore, rebuilding the catalogs are impossible. I am using a SOny CRX1040E CDRW, the same as what was used to create the backup sets.


I load the disc and it shows the device as "empty" and the status as "loading". THe device status shows it as "busy".


The media was not damaged in any way, the drive is operational for other tasks and with other software.... Why not with Dantz Retrospect Express 5.1?


Are these 7 volumes and hours and Gigs of data completely lost forever?





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