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error -25051

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Can't save Snapshot in backup set, error -25051 (file backup set catalog limited to 16 MB)


Catalog pre-flight failed, error -25051 (file backup set catalog limited to 16 MB)


This is all I hear from Retrospect. I use firewire hardrives to backup Macs and PCs over a network. I have read what is on the support site about this problem, and none of the suggestions have worked for me.


I run all my backups from scripts. Is there a way to use selelctors in a script to back up 1/2 of a volume instead of all of it? I see I can for instance choose, the system, or Applications, or documents, but when I try to get the docs, the file backup set catalog is too big.


Is my only solution to stop using Mac file backups on my firewire drives? Do I have to write to other media to get around this problem? I would really like to continue to use my firewire drives for this purpose.


Please send suggestions. I really appreciate it.





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File backup sets may now grow larger than 2 GB on Mac OS Extended (HFS+) hard disks, under Mac OS 9 or later with 4.3. Despite their greater possible size, file backup sets are still geared toward individual users and are not ideal for network backups or backups of many files on many volumes. Unlike other types of backup sets, a file backup set does not have a separate catalog file. Its catalog is stored internally in the file itself, in its resource fork. (Its data fork contains the backed-up files.) Because a file's resource fork is limited to 16 MB, you may encounter error -25051 when you attempt to back up many files.




If you upgrade to the new version 5.0 you will not see this problem as we write to BU sets differently to get around this.

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