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RDU 5.0 breaks archiving

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I just installed the Retrospect 5.0 Driver Update (released yesterday and 'recommended for all Retrospect users') and found that I could no longer add to my archive CD set!




Background: I use Retrospect 5.0 Server to do nightly backups (to a Firewire drive) and also to archive completed jobs to CDs (using my Quicksilver Mac's built-in Pioneer DVD/CD-RW drive, since the LaCie CDBP-401248A drive I bought -- mistakenly thinking it was compatible -- actually isn't.)




So, this morning I downloaded the RDU file, applied it as recommended, and found that Retrospect's Devices tab suddenly could see botyh the Pioneer built-in and the LaCie external. Hoping this meant that the LaCie would now work, I tried to add to an existing archive CD set with it. No luck -- Retrospect would report "no media" even though a CD was in the LaCie drive.




So I went back to using the internal Pioneer drive. The archiving session continued normally while I added files to the last CD of my set.




But when Retrospect requested a new CD to continue the session, and I put one in, it responsed with a message saying that 'the media is too different from other members of the set' and refused to continue.




I quit Retrospect, removed the RDU file, restarted Retrospect (to 'un-update' it) and things were back to normal -- the LaCie drive doesn't even show up in the Devices tab, but at least now I'm able to use the Pioneer drive and add CDs to my set.




So, this update was a step backward rather than a step forward for me. I figured I'd better post this in case someone else encounters the same type of problem.

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Yes, I know that "Archive" is a particular Retrospect feature, and yes, that is what I am doing -- archiving completed jobs to a set of CDs using the Tools > Copy > Archive feature. It's completely separate from our backup process (which is done to external FireWire disk drives.)




Since the Tools > Copy > Archive process is the only one for which I use the CD burner, that's the only place I've exposed this apparent bug created by installing the 5.0 RDU (inability to add discs to a set with the 'too different from other members' error message).




Are you saying this undesired behavior would NOT occur if I were using Retrospect's backup process rather than its archive process? If that's the case, I probably could change my archiving procedure to accommodate it -- although since there don't seem to be any other advantages to the RDU for me (it doesn't make my LaCie burner usable, for example) I would wonder if I might be better off passing on the RDU and sticking to my current archiving process.




Any further info would be appreciated!

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I find that the 5.036 update has the same problem as the previous one -- if used, it invalidates all my previous archived files on CDs (when attempting to add a new CD to the set, Retrospect returns a message saying it is "too different" from previous members of the set.)




Is anyone at Dantz paying any attention to this issue, or has anyone else found a way around it? I can't believe I'm the only person using Retrospect to archive completed projects to a library of CDs.

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