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Selected Files won't back-up?

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Our company uses version 6.0.193 and I've noticed that there are times when not everything in the selected folder becomes backed-up. When you view the files to be backed-up, they have a diamond or bullet-point next to them. I looked up the meaning in the help file and found out that when the file is selected with that icon the file is "not useful." Anyone know how to fix this problem so that I can back-up all of the selected files inside the folder?




Using OS X 10.3.

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The diamond usually means that the file has already been backed up in a previous backup session for either the currently selected folder or some other folder that contains the exact same file.


In a normal incremental backup, this is just what you want, as it saves space in your backup media by eliminating unnecessary duplication of files.


If this is _not_ what you want, go to Options> More> Matching in your script and either check "Match only same location" to create duplicates of files that are included in multiple folders, or uncheck "Don't add duplicates to backup set" if you always want to back up every file even if it hasn't changed. Be aware that either option will increase the backup time and consume more media.

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