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Closing backup session takes forever

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I just updated Retro Workgroup 5.0.205 to the 2.7 RDU. I then began a normal incremental backup of my Mac OS X partition. This backup covered 6698 files, 436.7 MB, with 21% compression, spanning two CD-R's. At the end of verification, Retro seemed to take forever to complete the "Closing" phase. I could open the log window, and it was clearly not complete. Finally I switched the Run menu from "Interactive" to "Unattended" and then the session finally closed.




This was not a network backup.




This never happened before the 2.7 RDU. I believe that I also updated to MacOS X 10.1.5 since the last backup.




Mac OS X 10.1.5, B&W G3/450, 512 MB, Retro WorkGroup 5.0.205, RDU 2.7, Yamaha "FireWire-A" CRW2100E Version 1.0N, Driver Yamaha CD-RW (5.01).



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