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Combo Toshiba SD-R2102 in iBook 600 workable?

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Does anyone else out there have an iBook 600 with the Combo Toshiba SD-R2102. I have updated that which came with Norton SystemWorks 2.0. SD-R2102 is still listed as non-compatible, but as has anyone got it to work with CD-RW media and Retrospect Express 5 with OSX 10.1.5? Or have I thrown my money away?

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This drive is not yet qualified for use with Retrospect. Although we are testing it, it's never possible to say when a particular drive can be qualified, as it depends on how the testing process goes.




Please check back, as we do add support often.

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Compatability page still says Windows only. Interestingly, I emailed Dantz technical support June 13 - they claimed to be unaware Apple was shipping machines using that drive, and that my email started the ball rolling. I'm not holding my breath on this one.




Meanwhile I've been backing up to a disk image, then burning that to a CD once a week. Hardly ideal, as it takes soooo long to burn the whole image. Of course this makes a total mockery of incremental backups.




I am seriously considering buying a micro firewire drive and forget the CDRW.




Grumble, grumble, gumbal, mumble...

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It is not that I have not been able to backup sometimes.




BTW, I have a iBook with Mac X 10.1.5 and the Toshiba SD-R2002 DVD/CD-R combo drive.




I have had the most success with backing up regular files, that is files that I create or modify. I have the most trouble with backing up the system files, using the "System Folder" section criterion. The reason for the failure is always the same, error 206. But the failure occurs at different points in the 'copying...' phase of the backup.




Again, the error occurs intermittently, on some types of backups more than the others.




I have successfully backed up the System, Applications, and my files on TDK CD-RW media. But I have also had many failures with this media. Retrying the backup with fresh media does not appear to help once the error first occurs. This media is blueish.




I have backed up my files, but not the System Folder with the Imation CD-R media. This media is whitish.




I have been able to burn CDs with the OS and with iTunes on both media types without issue. I have even successfully used the same media to do so that Retrospect failed to backup to.




I have tried the backup, using the TDK media, with or without compression and still received the failure.




It appears that there is some strange interaction with Retrospect and the drive type.


As far as I can tell the problems with Retrospect and this hardware has been documented in the Retrospect forums for months. There are several responses from the forum moderators that state your company is looking into the failure. There has been allot of good information returned to your company. It is hard to believe that making some determination as to the nature of this problem takes months and months. If your company is unable or unwilling to figure this out, then please just tell us so.




Although it is less convenient, it still possible to backup my system without Retrospect. With so many queries on this problem left unanswered and no reports of sudden success by the reporters of the problem, it is seems likely that they as I will I shortly have found a way to backup their systems without your product. Surely that is not what you want.

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Dantz has received several reports from customers experiencing a problem with their iBook CD-RW/DVD combo drive that employs the Toshiba SD-R2002 mechanism.




When used with Mac OS X, this drive reports frequent media errors to Retrospect, and backups are not able to complete successfully. As such, Retrospect cannot support this device under Mac OS X.




Dantz has reproduced this problem, and we are working with Apple to determine the cause and find a solution.

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Sorry, I haven't been paying attention ... I am just now looking at this thread after months of not watching it. I have been patiently waiting for Dantz to catch up with this SD-R2102 drive. Since Apple must have shipped tens of thousands of iBooks with this drive in them, I figured you guys would be "all over the problem" by now. It has been six months!




I will go get the "exact" message that Retrospect is giving us (I'm on a different computer today - a G3 PowerBook on which Retrospect does run) but essentially, Retrospect is telling me that the drive is "not supported." Retrospect just doesn't even "see" the drive. It's not reporting "frequent media errors" -- it doesn't see the device. I think it says it has no driver for the device.




The only option I have is to back up to the HD (as previously suggested in this thread, and which I was doing anyway), and then copy to CD in a separate operation, but once the backup file exceeds around 650mb I can't even do that so Retrospect becomes entirely useless.




I routinely use Retrospect on other computers, including my G3, and have several licensed copies - one per machine. Can I just get a refund on the purchase of the copy for the iBook, since Dantz doesn't support the CD drive?




(And yes, I will chastise Apple for not giving you any advance notice on hardware and probably even less advance notice on these new operating systems - still waiting for Dantz to update Retrospect for Jaguar so it can automatically run - I am launching it manually every time...)

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In reply to:

still waiting for Dantz to update Retrospect for Jaguar so it can automatically run - I am launching it manually every time...)




This update was released a few months ago. Please see the following link from the Dantz support page:




Mac OS 10.2 (Jaguar) Support and Retrospect 5.0.236 and 5.0.238











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