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MacManager, ASIP


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I have a problem installing Retrospect Client 4.3 on a Mac server. (Backup Server is an NTServer on a different subnet)




System specs:


G4 450 mhz.server


256mb RAM


OS 9.1


ASIP 6.3.3


Macintosh Manager Server 1.2.2




Symptoms:(on restart after installing)


Install disables Mac Manager Server extension


Resets the ASIP Administrator(owner) password to blank


Disables the Multiple User account in ASIP Users & Groups created by MacManager


Breaks the Mac Manager Sharepoint


Deletes the Forced Preferences files in the Mac Manager Sharepoint


Your recommendation to restart daily after backup hangs one machine at startup (I implemented your recommendations from an earlier post regarding ASIP freezes)




This is an amalgam of events that occurred in two installs on identical systems. The second install had only OS 9.1 base extensions on and that was the install I lost the Forced Preferences. If I pull the 4.3 Client extension and control panel out everything can be reset but backup doesn't work too well.


Ten more installs to go and I'm leery. These are school systems already in use so I'd like to avoid the shotgun method (unless I find a school that will volunteer). I can't find anything about Mac Manager on the web site or in the documentation so I'm really looking forward to any help.



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