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External Firewire/USBHard Disks

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External hard disks are rapidly becoming more attractive in terms of capacity and cost, when compared to other backup media and I was wondering if Dantz is going to look at a way users can use external hard disks as backup media without the current limits caused by the catalog being stored internally in the backup file?







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On the Macintosh, file backup sets are no longer constrained by resource fork size limits and can now exceed 60,000-70,000 files, allowing large hard disks to be used for backing up complete Mac OS X systems, or even entire networks.




We haven't changed the functionality on the Windows side. Although we are looking at ways to improve the use of file backup sets, you are currently limited by the file size limits of the file system itself. Thanks for the feedback.




For more information on backing up to Hard Drives, please see the following Technical Notes:













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