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No Documentation shortcuts

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This is my suggestion:




When RBE is installed please create shortcuts to the documentation (particularly the PDF


file) in the Start menu along with the shortcut to RBE. For some reason the docs were


placed in the install folder but no shortcut(s) were made. I didn't know they were there


until just recently and I've had the product for a while now.


Prior to this I thought the internal RBE help and the teeny booklet that came with RBE


was all there was. This could have saved me a great deal of time and trouble


(I'll bet I'm not the only one) and that includes a post here complaining about the poor docs.




Now I suspect that either the install does not create the shortcuts (please add this)




they are not added if you elect not to install the Acroreader which is what I did ( I already had


it installed).


In either case that should be changed.







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