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Retrospect Express and 308b CD-RW


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I have been trying to get both Retrospect Express and Retrospect


Desktop downloads to work with my Dell Latitude with Win 2000, NTFS, and


a Samsung SN 308B (which is supposed to be completely supported under


windows). I downloaded the newest versions of Retrospect Express and


Retrospect Desktop and the Retrospect Drive Update version 2.9 and


installed them.




After having the problem below, I uninstalled Roxio Easy CD and


reinstalled Dantz Retrospect Express, but it didn't make any






Here is my problem. I can get the program (express or desktop) to


write the first disk of my three-disk backup set, but it will say


"content unrecognized" (error 105) on the subsequent disks, even after


the program erases them. This is true whether I use CD-R or CD-RW


disks, and it is independent of the specific disks.




I have looked all over the Dantz web site and found nothing that would


answer my problem.




To be specific: I put in (e.g.,) a CD-RW and the program completely


erases and then copies files on the first disk. It asks for the


second disk and then, when it reads it, says that the second disk has


"content unrecognized". The disk is a blank disk or one previously


erased by Retrospect.




I erase the second disk using Retrospect (which takes about 20 min)


and then it backs up onto the


disk for about 1 minute and I get the error:




Device Trouble: "2-backup set A" error 105(unexpected end of data).




When I put the disk that was erased by Retrospect in again, it says


"content unrecognized" and erases the disk yet once more.




I have tried this with CD-R and CD-RW disks and the first disk is


always written, but the subsequent disks have the problem listed






I would appreciate some help on this before I consider buying the










Todd Quinto



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You contacted us regarding problems with backing up to


the Samsung 308B drive.




We are pleased to announce that this has been fixed with the release of the


Retrospect Driver Update (RDU) 3.0.




This free RDU, for use with Retrospect and Retrospect Express 5.6 for


Windows only, may be downloaded at:





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I appreciate your quick and helpful response, Melissa.




I actually downloaded the 3.0 update last night and had the same problem I had had with ver 2.9,


namely, I could record the first disk but even after erasing the second, I would get Error 105,


unexpected end of media.




I called customer support and they pointed out that my CD drive,




Samsung SN 308B




is actually not yet supported. (the SM 308B is.) The drive is on my new


Dell Latitude 610 laptop (Parenthetically, the version is U003 and the driver is


Samsung CD/RW v. 1.53.) I looked on Samsung's web site but couldn't find an updated


driver for it.




I had already uninstalled DirectoCD (which came for free on my Dell Latitude 610), and before I back up I turn off all possibile utilities in the Windows 2000 task manager. (Could I be turning off


something important [i dont' turn off retro*]).




Any suggestions? If not, I'll just have to wait until mine is approved.




Thanks again for your help.




Todd Q





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