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Networked client hangs on "Continuing execution"

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I am running Retro Workgroup Server 6 on a dual-1Ghz-G4 connected to a Sony StorStation AIT Library. I have noticed that after Retro does a scan of my networked clients, it takes forever (8 - 12min) before it starts backing up files. The back-up window sits on "Continuing execution" before it snaps into the actual back-up mode. There has to be a quicker way for Retro to start the actual back-up process once the scan of the machines are done. Please help!

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Are you trying to run an Immediate Backup, or are you running a script? With multiple sources, I find it much better to create a script. In an immediate backup, all the volumes need to be scanned and matched and have their snapshots, etc., written to the catalog file before the backup begins. This can take a long time. With a script, each volume is treated as a separate backup, and only one volume is scanned and matched before being backed up. The total delay may be similar, but the delay before each volume is much shorter. You also aren't sitting around waiting to respond to a dialog box, since scripts automatically run in Unattended mode.

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