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What's your backup speed?

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Hey all,


I'm interested in the speeds people are achieving backing up users over a network. I'm averaging 46-86Mb/minute over the network, as opposed to 266Mb/min with the attached RAID. We're uprading our network from 10Base-T to 100 in the next month, so I'm wondering what kind of performance increase I might see and what others are seeing. This is what I'm working with now:


Retrospect Server 6.0.193

Data compression: On

Verification: On

G4 Xserve Dual 1.33

SpectraLogic 2K (AIT-2)

ATTO ExpressPCI Pro UL366 SCSI




Andy Mowrey

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So many things can affect backup speed, including network traffic, activity on clients and the backup Mac, size and number of files being backed up, etc., that you'll just have to wait and see. On our 100Base-T network, where we back up across routers, clients may back up anywhere between 25 MB/min and 225 MB/min. Compare usually runs faster than backup, but sometimes is slower. Overall speed (backup & compare) probably averages around 90-100 MB/min.


By the way, I notice you're not using the latest version of Retrospect. I recommend that you update.

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