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i had exchange server 5.5 service pack4 on nt server 4 with service pack5


i backup it now with arcserve exchange agent 6.6x




i going to install retrospect on windows 2000 server and backup to hp dlt 40-80 tape


now i runing on this server arcserve 6.6x and backup all my servers including exchange.




is the two softwares work good together on same server? arcserve 6.6x and retrospect 5.6




can i backup exchange mailboxs with the arcserve exchange agent with retrospect 5.6?




how do i install retrospect exchane agent and how i make a script to backup it? i have now the triel version and i bought the full software 5.6 for server and going to get it soon. i read that i need the full version to do that !!!




i bought a fire wire external hard disk and the retrospect see it only as another partition on windows 2000 how can it see it as an external device like tape or cd-r? do i need a driver?









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Dantz has not performed any testing with the ArcServe agent, and cannot vouch for any results you might get with that configuration.




Retrospect's Exchange Agent is automatically installed when you perform a "complete" install Workgroup or Server editions under a server OS.




Retrospect does not see hard drives as "storage devices" per se, please see the tutorial for backing up to a hard drive.

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