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New Backup instead of Normal Incremental Backup on Windows Clients

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I back up about 30 network clients (Macs and Windows) nightly on a G4 400, OS 10.3.8, Retrospect 6.0.204, Driver 6.2.102 on a Quantum Valueloader SDLT 320. I back up the clients onto 5 storagesets using separate scripts for "Normal Backups" each that run overnight. The scripts have been running without problems for several weeks. Last night, however, Retrospect seems to be running "New Backups" for all of the Windows Clients. Several hundred megabytes or several Gigabytes are being backed up for each of the Windows Clients - the Mac clients are being backed up normally i.e. normal incremental backup of perhaps 100 MB each. It is now 1:40 PM and the backups have been running since 7:00 PM last night. Usually the backups end by midnight.




Again, the Macs are backing up normally over all storagesets, and only the Windows Clients are backing up excessively. So it doesn't seem as if all 5 storagesets have become corrupted.




What has happened? Could this have anything to do with the switch to Daylight Savings Time?









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Yes, this is due to the DST time change. Windows uses a different method of implementing the time change than Macs. Retrospect sees the creation/modification dates of the files as not matching what had previously been backed up (they've shifted by 1 hour), and so backs them all up again. Once it does this, you will be back to normal, incremental backups on the Windows clients.


Because of this issue, we use the Monday after each time change as the point where we rotate in new backup media.

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