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Upgrade to version 6 - erased tapes ignored

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We upgraded to Retrospect server version 6. It's on a Mac OS X 10.2.8 client. Everything (hw & sw) worked fine before the upgrade. But, now none of our Backup Sets will use any of the erased DLT tapes when a new tape is needed. The error 206 pops up and clean media head error. It's not a DLT drive issue. It's Retrospect. New backup sets were created after the version 6 upgrade.


Any help would be appreciated. Carol

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Are you using the latest version of the Driver Update? Did you check Dantz's website to be sure that your drive is compatible with the latest version of Retrospect?


Assuming that these are OK, it really sounds like a tape or tape drive issue. To confirm this, try launching your previous version of Retrospect. Create a new backup set and attempt to back up to one of the tapes that has been causing problems.

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Thanks for the reply! I did upgrade to the latest and greatest sw. The Overland drive and the scsi card are fully compatible. It's very strange...but that's a good suggestion to go back to version 5. Just wonder why version 6 cropped up this problem. And, to even further confuse, I could get Retrospect 6 to erase a DLT tape for me and then later it would not find this erased tape to use.

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