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Problem prevention after "Spring forward"?

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Are there no more Retrospect problems when we switch between Standard and Daylight Savings times? I posted my questions on preventing problems the day before we made the switch to Daylight Savings. Now would be an excellent time for a response, please?

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I can only speak from my own experience, but the only problem I have noticed in the 10+ years we have been using Retrospect is related to the different way that Windows computers account for the DST change as compared to Macs. This means that at the time change, Retrospect on the backup Mac (running a normal, incremental backup) interprets all files on Windows clients as having changed, and so backs up everything again. Since this is going to happen anyway, we have been performing our backup set media changes to coincide with the time change.


Almost all of our Restores have been of selected files, not an entire disk, and all of our entire disk Restores have been to Mac clients. We have never had any problems, though I'd expect that restoring files to Windows clients that had been copied in a different time regime would probably have their creation and modification time stamps shifted by an hour. I have never checked this, and in any case that I can imagine, such a shift would be of no consequence to us.

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We've been plagued by Retrospects confusion during the time shifts, costing us cases and cases of blank media, as Retrospect started backing up tens of terabytes twice a year. Bummer. All our backup systems, and our servers are all Mac, so I know it's not just related to how Windows deals with the time shift. Anyway, we solved the problem permanently by setting all our file servers and all the backup Macs to Arizona time, which effectively disables Daylight Savings Time. The rest of our workstations are set to local Pacific time. It's been flawless for two years now.

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The answer is so simple, I cannot figure why Dantz had not fixed this problem.


Dantz needed to use UTC time only. Mac OS X and NT will then be compatible, you can change daylight savings and even move from state to state without negatively affecting backups. The nasty daylight savings time problem will still show up for the Mac OS 8,9 and Windows 95,98,ME people, but it'll be fixed for all the modern platforms.


PLEASE, Dantz fix this ubiquitous and repeatable bug!



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hi rasta,


what do you think will happen if EMC releases a fix, and then M$ actually fixes the filesystem? what say they do it in longhorn?


there is another thread here in which twickland suggests a more robust time/date selector. it's probably the only way to deal with this since none of us can say for sure what will come out of redmond. i'm sure EMC does not know either.

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