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External Lacie Firewire HD

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Any knowledgeable people please!!!

To designate the destination for both the catalog and backup set: how do I locate each in a different location. I want to select exactly where it goes. Am I missing something in the user's manual????

Powerbook G4,1.33 processor, 10.3.8,lots of memory......


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If you're asking about a File Backup Set, then the Catalog File and the Backup File are in essence the same thing. Version 5.0 introduced the ability to split the single file into individual files in order to overcome a system induced size limitation, but they still function as one. So you can't keep the larger data file on your external and the smaller .cat portion (if the set is separated) on a different drive.


For all other Backup Set types, you save the Catalog file to whatever drive you want, and use the appropriate media (tape, removable disk, internet).

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To expand on what Dave said, you can enable use of the Firewire HD as if it were a removable disk, provided you are willling to dedicate the entire drive solely to backups. Doing so will erase the entire drive, so be sure to move or copy any existing files on the LaCie drive that you want to save.


Go to Preferences> Media Handling> and check the appropriate option. (If you have multiple Firewire devices, be sure that you have not checked the minimal erase confirmation under Preferences> Media Erasure> so you don't accidentally erase the wrong drive when backing up.)


Then go to Configure> Backup Sets> to create a new removable disk backup set. Store the catalog in the desired location.

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