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Moved Server and now Retrospect stopped polling!!!!

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Our office had a flood 2 months ago and we moved the server to a different location. Everything was working fine with polling tapes and retrieving files from backup tapes. Yesterday, we moved back to our original location


I noticed yesterday that the last polling was before I moved at 8:50am. Now, my backup server window says Action idle or waiting for backup media. Status waiting for next backup and next backup ASAP.


I am soooooo frustrated! The server is OSX, we backup to tapes and we have Retrospect 6.0.


The tape drive is plugged in and is working.


Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. TIA!

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Since you provide no information about your hardware configuration, the only thoughts or suggestions that might be forthcoming would be guesses.


My guess is that when you disassembled/reassembled your hardware, you did something wrong, and the backup device is not properly connected anymore. Or maybe you broke it.



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I just wanted to update everyone. My tape device has been recognized. I shutdown my server, shutdown my tape drive (seagate). Then, I started my tape drive and then started my server. The seagate was recognized when i checked device status. The polling tape worked fine and all is well.


Thanks for reading my post, my mind is at ease again!

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